"OC Grub Guide: Go For The Gold!"

August 11, 2016
OC Weekly

Olympics viewing at The Iron Press - Anaheim and Costa Mesa. 
Fun marketing ploy or an excuse to choose from 30 taps of beer? We say BOTH. Come in sporting Team USA attire, and your brews will be priced a la Happy Hour - regardless of what time it is! Stop waffling and grab a seat at the counter to catch all the sports at both locations. - Anne Marie Panoringan, OC Weekly


"Restaurant Review: The Iron Press"

July 11, 2016
Places Magazine

The specialty food of The Iron Press is a simple one: waffles. The Iron Press puts a twist on the famous breakfast item with an array of dishes. The majority of items on the menu are made on a waffle press and creatively topped off with whatever menu item of your choosing. ... Being a waffle restaurant does not mean that The Iron Press caters strictly to the breakfast or dessert crowd. In fact, everything in their menu is within the realm of what's considered lunch, dinner, and late-night meals. With the immense craft beer options and great food, it's the perfect place for a date, family dinner, friends' hangout, or somewhere just to watch the game. - Places Magazine


"The Best Waffles in Every State in America"

June 17, 2016
Spoon University

During my search for the best waffles in california I came across hundreds of different places, and while they all seemed amazing, The Iron Press in Anaheim seemed to be one of the most popular. They're serving up all kinds of both sweet and savory waffles, like jalapeno cheddar waffles, herb waffles, bacon and smoked gouda waffles, churro waffles, and of course the classic Belgian waffle. Choose from their menu of out-there waffle sandwiches and toppings, which include ingredients like cereal and milk drizzle, prosciutto, or a house-made burger, just to name a few. - Lauren Kruchten, Spoon University


"Top 5 Waffle Spots in Orange County"

March 30th, 2015
Locale Magazine

The Iron Press is all about two things: beer and waffles. If these two items seem like the perfect combination, that’s because they are. Their menu includes all different combinations of waffles under their Mad Batter sections, different sandwiches with waffles fries and plenty of different beers on tap to choose. Some waffles incorporated in their meals include the smoked Gouda waffle or the jalapeno cheddar waffle. Anything that comes with one of those has got to be absolutely amazing and should not be missed. - Locale Magazine


"Prefer designer waffles?"

February 11, 2015
The Daily Pilot

Prefer designer waffles? The Iron Press will feature the Aphrodisiac, a fried oyster po' boy on a Sriracha-infused waffle, and Fifty Shades of Velvet — a red velvet waffle served with blood orange and strawberry compote and vanilla ice cream. - The Daily Pilot / Coastline Pilot / HB Independent

"Orange County's Best Waffles"

September 9, 2014
CBS Los Angeles

The good folks at The Iron Press know how to grab someone’s attention with five simple words: “we like beer and waffles.” Some folks might consider it an odd combination, but The Iron Press serves up delicious waffle sandwiches with an excellent selection of local beers. From sour beers to stouts, you’ll find the perfect beer to accompany your sandwich. Try the spicy Polish sausage (topped with whole grain mustard and sauerkraut) with an IPA that nicely complements the spice. - CBS Los Angeles