Man, we are so far behind on getting this blog going ha ha.  I know we have been telling people to check our blog to see how we are doing, but we are finally catching up now!  Some of you may know, but for those who do not yet, I have been working on a new project with some friends of mine.  We are in the process of slamming out a waffle sandwich joint that serves crazy local brews on tap and specialty bottled beers from around our little blue and green sphere!

Jerry is sitting next to me now staring at the screen as I type wondering what I am going to say.  I kind of have no idea either, but here we go...

So we weren't sure what we wanted to post up as our first photo.  We were thinking our logo?  Nupe, not quite down yet as we are looking into a couple of different color choices.  Maybe the inside of the restaurant?  Nahhh, too boring until we are a little further into construction.  Then, *ding ding*!  Why not post up one half of what the beating heart of The Iron Press will be?  Take a closer peek at the picture, you will notice that the posting date was way back in August 24th, 2011 AD.  So all of you who say we have been twiddling our thumbs and slacking, TAKE THAT!

Now that we have this puppy up, please take a lookies back here soon as we will be posting up much more frequently.  In the meantime, you can pop on over to our temporary web site at for the most basic and ugly website since 1993 AD.

Smoochies, Len & Jerry