Grinding Down the Base of the Chairs
So Jaime, whom you will meet in the very near future, has been working closely with us on designing the chairs in the restaurant.  We figured since we are waiting to break ground, we could get going on the fabrication of things in the restaurant that do not need approval from the city or the health department.  The picture above is one of his guys grinding down the last of our chairs.  We are working on finishing up the seats for the chairs now, but I am so freaking anal, that we haven't decided on a design yet!  Soon enough, though, as we are meeting up this week to sketch out how we want the seats to look like.
If you guys want to see some of the grinding action, take a peep at this video to catch some sparks flying all over the place:
The First Prototype
A few weeks ago, we met up at Pete's Gourmade for some kickin' Basil Chicken Sandwiches in Tustin and to look at the first prototype for our chair bases.  From here we tweaked things a little bit by widening the chair bottoms to give them a little bit of a wider stance and more stability.  Wow, this is boring ha ha.  Sorry, everyone, but just wanted to give you guys a glimpse into some of the things I lose sleep on ha ha.
Messing Around on the Prototype
Hmm, not much to say here other than I like doing stupid things?  Those of you who know me can atest to this.  Jerry snapped this picture ha ha.  We are working on getting the counters built this week and hopefully we will can start on some of the building process at the location in a couple of days.
We should have some more exciting news for you guys very soon!