So it was Jerry's 27th birthday this past January 25th, 2012 AD.  We were racking our brains on where to celebrate and we thought why not kick things off at the new spot and give some of our friends a little preview of what we had in store for our

After Jerry forced me to have dinner at my own restaurant, not that I don't love the food, it's just hard to sit through a meal there during business hours without feeling like I should be helping out, we hopped on over to The Iron Press just to find out that neither of us had our keys handy!  Here's a snap of us at dinner before heading out to kick off the real party:

But I digress...we started handing out cans of cheap beer outside to keep people happy until, luckily, Jaime (after blowing up his phone non-stop) swung by to drop off an extra set of keys and knock back a birthday beer before darting back to tend for his wife and soon-to-be-popping-out-into-this-world son.  Right after we swung open the doors, Bobby from Brewski's got right to work and set up a Jockey Box (Yes, Jerry.  Not a Jimmy Box.  It's a Jimmy Hat and a Jockey Box).  For the night we were previewing a half barrel of Anaheim Brewery's Red Ale and a sixth of Huntington Beer Co.'s Thug Life Malt Liquor:

We plopped down all flavors of Lucky Habanero Salsa and the night descended into one filled with body liquids and the eventual coining of the term "Shuke".  Please do not ask us to explain this story online, this will be only told in person by Jerry himself, as he was the only witness to what truly happened.  Silliness ensued when we ran out of beer for flip cup and moved on to bubbly.  Not just your run of the mill Korbel, but Jerry insisted on rocking a game of flip cup with:

Yes...Dom...Flip...Cup.  Needless to say, it was a first for most if not all of us in the game.  Thanks to everyone who came to celebrate Jerry's birthday and for all those who, after turning beer pong into Jameson pong, decided to fertilize the new landscape around our patio.

Smoochies, Len and Jerry