So...I do not want to jinx anything, but we will be launching a semi-soft opening-ish tonight (yes, tonight) starting at around 6 PM PST.  Swing by if you would like to get a taste of our food, but be warned, this is just a tasting as we are still working out some final hour tweaks.  We will be slinging food for free as you guys will be our test taste buds and we will be asking for donations for our beer, thank you for your cooperation ha ha!

I'll leave you guys with this last picture of me before I shocked myself trying to tinker with our waffle irons:

Being the good friend that he is, Alain simply shouted out "Woah!  I heard the shock from here!".  Yep, no "Are you OK?", just laughter ensued.  Anyhoo, off to pick up some last minute supplies.  We hope to see some of you guys here!

Smoochies, Len and Jerry