Blahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I keep finding these older posts about us!  Now that we are starting to elbow out a little breathing room, we have been fervently catching up what the hubbub has been swirling around us.  We remember people coming in near when we opened and mentioning that they had seen a write up in the OC Register and BAM!  Here is what Claudia Kroener had to blab about us:

Woah, I just noticed her post date and it looks as though it was near the beginning of our soft opening week.  Time has been flying by since, but we are constantly tinkering around and improving things day by day.  If any of you have stopped by and have any suggestions for us, please feel free to email and let your fingers mash up against that keyboard (or peck away at that tablet or smarty phone of yours) to let us know everything thats bouncing around that noggin of yours.

Smoochies, Len and Jerry