Tap Takeover - Ritual Brewing x à la minute Ice Cream As we have sadly drained our supply of Melange #3 and Sour in the Rye from a fun The Bruery Tuesday Tap Takeover, we are wiping the tears from our eyes and slapping on a big smile as have something really awesome coming up for our next Takeover.  For the first time, we are collaborating not only with a brewery, but also with a crazy good ice cream spot.  On March 26th, 2013 AD, we will be bringing in, from Redlands, Ritual Brewing and à la minute ice cream!

So we finally sat down and had a tasting with Ed from Ritual, and much to the happiness of our taste buds, everything was amazing.  Without further ado, here is the lineup for the evening:

1. Tafelbier - 4.5% ABV - Belgian style Enkel (Single) is typically brewed only at Trappist Monasteries.  This Tafelbier (Table Beer) is modest in strength, robed in warm, golden hues and soft on the palate with a smooth, dry finish.

2. Wit's End - 4.8% ABV - Classic Belgian style Witbier (White Beer) spiced up with a dose of orange zest from local Redlands orange groves, coriander, and other spices.  Delightful citrus nose and refreshing nature quenches the thirst.

3. Extra Red - 6.5% ABV - Eight (count em *EIGHT*) different malts and a big dose of hops results in a rich, multi-layered, full-bodied beer bringing together a classically complex malt backbone with an assertive West Coast finish.

4. Hop-O-Matic - 7.1% ABV - This fragrant IPA imparts an initial blast of bitterness that gives way to sweet, toasty malts, and a zesty citrus profile, then takes it up ten notches with a complex mélange of hops that won't go down without a fight.

5. Hellion - 8.4% ABV - Belgian Strong Golden Ale featuring aromas of bananas and pears with mouth filling flavors of sweet malt, earthy hops and a hint of juicy, sun-ripened apricot.

6. Big Deluxe - 12.2% ABV - Imperial Russian Stout brewed with no less than ten (count em *TEN*) different malts to give it that dark, roasty flavor with oats to add an additional layer of silkiness.

7. Little Oat - 4.5% ABV - A small beer made from the second runnings of the Big Deluxe mash.  This guy has an amazingly nuanced gathering of flavors given its heritage, enjoy it while it lasts as this is limited.

8. Vanilla Deluxe - 12.2% ABV - OC Premier for this brew!  Just as it sounds, all the deliciousness of the Big Deluxe infused with Vanilla Beans.

Pop back soon for an update on our crazy sweet offerings from Chef Ryan from à la minute!  With that, I will leave you a picture of Ed, from Ritual Brewing.  This was after we finished 6 growlers of beer - tee hee.

Ed from Ritual


Smoochies, Len & Jerry