Tuesday Tap Takeovers - Portola Coffee Lab Hi.  Hello.  We know this is going to be back-to-back Tuesdays, but we really wanted to squeeze this sucker in.  We will be having a special Tuesday Tap Takeover with the boys and girls from Portola Coffee Lab!  "Eh, coffee?!" you say?  That's right!  We will be featuring beers brewed with Portola coffee and tea.  Think Noble's Naughty Sauce or Beachwood BBQ's Tovarish Imperial Stout.

Without further ado:

1. Noble Ale Work's Earl's Grey Dinghy - 3.5% ABV - This English ale uses some incredible English malts and gets hit hard with a dose of Earl Grey Tea from Seventh Tea Bar. The result is light-medium bodied, copper in color and is what is truly meant by a Session beer.

2. Haven's Performance Enhancing Drink - 4.5% ABV | 15 IBU - This American Brown has a light and brown in appearance. Supposed to drink like a morning coffee and showcase aroma and flavor of coffee, yet still drink a beer.

3. Noble Ale Work's El Tigre En Inglése - 4.6% ABV - Their English 101 saturated with Hartmann Estate Geisha from Portola Coffee Lab. An extremely rare coffee that adds elements of Orange and Almond to their full-bodied English Ale that has big toasted bread like flavors. We hope you like it as much as we all do.

4. Noble Ale Work's Naughty Sauce - 5.4% ABV - Head Brewer Evan Price worked together with Roast Master Jeff Duggan from Portola Coffee Lab for this paradox. This golden milk stout is made with oats and milk sugar, coffee instead of roasted grain and then served on nitro to add even more creaminess! Full bodied, deep golden in color, with smooth and flavorful layers of pecan pie, cinnamon and cookie dough.

5. The Guseva - 9% ABV - Old Rasputin (a rich, intense brew with big complex flavors and a warming finish) with an extraction of espresso! Guseva was the person who attempted to murder Rasputin but failed. Hat tip to Steven Dean Thompson for the name.

6. Beachwood BBQ & Brewing's Mocha Machine - 9.4% ABV | 37 IBU - This imperial coffee chocolate porter is a well-engineered endeavor in massive aromatics and rich flavors. Brewed with an array British and German malts, this burly brew is infused with masterfully roasted coffee from Portola Coffee Lab in Costa Mesa, CA. It is then aged on cacao nibs from Equador, adding an awesomely deep dimension of fudge.

7. The Bruery's Mélange No. 8 - 14.5% ABV | 25 IBU - The eighth in The Bruery's Mélange series of blended beers - this robust American strong ale is a marriage of their bourbon barrel aged anniversary ale along with White Oak Sap (their bourbon barrel aged wheat wine), along with locally roasted Geisha coffee from our friends at Portola Coffee Lab.

Gahhhhh, I can't wait!

Smoochies, Len & Jerry