Tuesday Tap Takeovers - The AleSmith Edition After another fun Tuesday Tap Takeover, this time with Golden Road Brewing out of Los Angeles, we are happy to be hosting AleSmith brewing for our next beer basheroo!  We are still figuring out the lineup, but prepare your mouth for the event on October 29th, 2013 AD.

Without further ado, here is the lineup for the evening:

1. Nut Brown – 5.0% ABV | 30 IBU – AleSmith’s interpretation of this classic English-style ale is smooth, dark, and rich. A variety of specialty malts produce a brilliant dark brown color and a wonderful malt complexity. A light dose of East Kent Goldings and Styrian Goldings hops from England balance the malt sweetness without adding bitterness to the flavor profile. Reintrodcued at AleSmith in 2002, Nut Brown Ale has quickly become one of their most popular beers

2. X – 5.5% | 20 IBU – AleSmith X is their refreshing Extra Pale Ale. Pale Yellow color, bright white head. Aroma of fresh hops with notes of citrus and pine. Light bodied, smooth on the palate, with a dry finish and superb aftertaste.

3. Anvil ESB– 5.5% | 30 IBU – Anvil ESB Ale was the first beer produced when the brewery opened, and remains their flagship ale. Bright copper color with light tan head. Malty slightly hoppy aroma. Caramel and malty flavors with a perfect balance of imported English hops.

4. Li'l Devil - 5.5% ABV | 25 IBU – When a full-size Horny Devil is a bit too much, Li’l Devil Ale is exactly what you’re looking for to satisfy that Belgian craving.

5. IPA – 7.25% ABV | 50 IBU – Deep golden to light amber color, and a nice off-white head, with good retention when properly served. Starts off with pleasantly strong hop flavors, balanced by a firm malt backdrop, then fades to a dry finish with a lingering hoppiness.

6. Yulesmith – 9.5% ABV | 75 IBU – Their most popular seasonal ale, YuleSmith is brewed twice a year in two different, yet similar, styles: For wintertime, it’s an Imperial/Double red ale. Although quite malty, big hop flavors and aromas are abundant making this an unforgettable winter warmer.

7. Wee Heavy – 10% ABV | 18 IBU – A classic Scotch Ale. Scotch ales are typically sweet and malty, with a very subdued dose of hops– just enough to provide balance. AleSmith Wee Heavy is a wonderful interpretation of this traditional Scotch style.

8. Grand Cru – 10.5% | 50 IBU – Their other famous Belgian-style offering is their Grand Cru. As with Horny Devil, it is fermented using yeast which originated in a Trappist monastery in Belgium. A darker type of Belgian candi sugar gives it more color and a richer complexity of flavor, consistent with the Belgian style.

9. Horny Devil – 11% ABV | 50 IBU – This is the AleSmith incarnation of a Belgian Strong Ale. Horny Devil is an authentic Belgian Style ale, from the Belgian candi sugar right down to the yeast, a Belgian strain from a Trappist monastery in Belgium. In addition to the malts, candi sugar and fresh hops, there is also a little added twist from coriander seeds, which impart a refreshing citrus flavor to an outstanding ale. Belgian ale lovers around the world have raved about Horny Devil, and you will too.

10. Speedway Stout – 12% ABV | 70 IBU – A HUGE Imperial Stout that weighs in at an impressive 12% ABV! As if that’s not enough, they added pounds of coffee for a little extra kick. It was also featured on CNBC’s "Squawk Box" in a segment on the best dark beers in America.

Smoochies, Len & Jerry