Flight of Darkness 2.0 And awayyyyyyyy we go!  Wheels up on our Flight of Darkness 2.0 begins tonight at 5 PM PST - boy do we have some good stuff in store for you guys:

1. Deconstructed Tamale Waffle - $10 - Hand shredded chicken tossed in our homemade mole served with pickled onions and otija cheese.

2. Gingerbread Waffle - $7 - Homemade candy cane frosting, vanilla bean ice cream and a More Cowbell Milk Stout Reduction.

Here's a little peek at the dishes tonight (look at that cutey on top of the dessert waffle):

Deconstructed Tamale Waffle

Gingerbread Waffle

As always, DJ LexaKhan will be crankin' the vinyl and digital tunes for the evening.  See y’all here!

Smoochies, Len & Jerry