Smog City Brewing x The Iron Press Hello there! What you guys see here are two deliciously delicious dishes that our wonderfully creative Chef Andrea has cooked up for tonight.

1. Mongolian Beef Waffle - Rib eye steak braised in house-made simmered Mongolian sauce, served with steamed jasmine rice + charred green onions - $9.00

2. Groundwork Coffee Porter Waffle Donuts - Drizzled with Porter Glaze, dusted with chocolate coffee shavings, served with Vanilla Bean Ice Cream + Strawberries - $7.00

Mongolian Beef Waffle

Groundwork Coffee Porter Waffle Donuts

As always, come early for some fun freebies!  DJ LexaKhan will be tossing tunes in and around your noggins, so get ready to get your groove on.

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew