THE IRON PRESS "The Big Game" Specials

Food Specials:

THE SEAHAWK’s Fish+Chips

-A Pikes Place favorite, beer battered white fish on top of a bed of waffle fries. Dip it in our Seattle coffee sauce!!

The PATRIOT’s Clam Chowda

-A hearty bowl of New England clam chowda, inflated with baby clams, potatoes, our secret spice, then surrounded by a crispy waffle for dippin.

Wear your teams paraphernalia and when they score, you score !!!!!! A select choice of beer drops down to $3 when you team puts up any type of points during the big game! You’ll have until the next kick off to order these beers (limit 2 per customer) or wait and hope your team scores again.

Kick off is 3:30.. See you there!

-The Iron Press Crew

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