One last reminder…

This Tuesday, November 25th, 2015 A.D., we are hosting some of Colorado's finest - Avery Brewing! 
Check out the food specials we've prepared for you all...

This dinner will have you giving THANKS... to our awesome kitchen! We are huge fans of the holiday season and even bigger fans of Avery's Raja Double IPA. We wanted a dinner special that not only had Fall flavors, but would pair well with an amazing beer! It starts out with a Kurobota pork stuffing waffle (Yup, we're putting the stuffing right into the waffle press). Then, we add a heaping mound of our buttery mashed potatoes, carved turkey, brown gravy made from scratch and some greens for good measure. This yummy waffle sandwich comes with a side of cranberry sauce for a savory dish that screams "Thanksgiving"!

It wouldn't be Thanksgiving time without some sweet squashy delicious-ness! We took our famous Cinnamon Toast Crunch Waffle and pumpkin pied it! That's right, on top of it sits a nice big scoop of housemade pumpkin pie ice cream, a drizzle of our leche syrup, and then a dusting of a little extra cinnamon sugar, because let's face it -- more IS better during the holiday season.

Between the great food and Avery's finest brews, this is definitely not an event you want to miss. Plus, Dj Lexakhan will be here, rocking the tunes we all love. Come on by and get your self ready for your week that will be jammed packed with in-laws, turkey comas and your annoying cousins going through your fridge and drinking all your beers!

The Iron Press Crew