Hey dudes! Our Staff Beer Pick of the Month is Here...

Mari Barkhordar has selected Humboldt Brewing Company Humboldt Brown; Hemp Ale

"Picking my favorite beer on tap has got to be the hardest thing considering I like all our beers here at The Iron Press Costa Mesa (but who doesn’t, am I right?) But if I had to pick one, Humboldt Brewing Co.’s Homboldt Brown takes the cake! Originally known as their Hemp Ale, this well balanced brown pays homage to the goodness of mother Earth by featuring a generous helping of toasted hemp seeds for rooty bitterness that makes my taste buds sing a hallelujah. Don’t let a pint of this guy stand alone and ask for the BBQ Bacon Burger. Just trust me. I’ll be waiting for ya, Humboldt Brown in hand!" Cheers, Mari

Photo Credit: @kaylaglass ‪#‎kaylaglassphotography‬