One last reminder for you guys…

This Tuesday, September 29th, 2015 A.D., we are hosting our brewski buddies from 32 North for a tap take over of awesomeness!!
Check out the food specials we have planned...


32 North’s tart “Landfall” beer was definitely our muse for this over the top dish! What goes great with a deliciously tart berliner weisse?... How about a salty, cheesy, crispy, pork concoction of YUM?!?!?! We mound up our sizzling hot criss cut waffle fries and then top them off with our gorgonzola cream cheese sauce (Made from scratch, might we add!), slices of our hot polish sausage, diced up jalapenos and then finished with chopped green scallions.

For this dessert special, we wanted to remind everyone that even though it’s hot as heck outside, the delicious flavors of Fall are upon us! It starts out with a graham cracker waffle fresh and toasty from the press. Then we top it with warm apple cinnamon compote, a big healthy scoop of creamy vanilla ice cream, a sprinkling of ginger-spiced walnut crumble and then drizzled (with a heavy hand) with our housemade salted caramel. Sweet, gooey and not to be missed!!

Good food! Great beer! Your favorite beer-tenders! Trust us… You definitely don’t want to miss this event. Plus, we’ll have DJ Lex bringing busting out the tunes that make you dance! Hope you can make it!


The Iron Press Crew