Shout out to the incredible crew of beer nerds that partied with us last night!

We had a blast sharing Bear Republic's tasty beers with everyone, as well as feeding those Irish cravings we all experience around this time of year... how magically delicious was that Lucky Charms waffle?! Man oh man, it was a spectacular evening of good beer and green-clad merriment. So, a big thank you goes to everyone who came by and got their jig on with us and Dj Lex, and of course to Bear Republic for supplying Orange County with their liquid gold!

As always we have more events coming your way sooner than later! So keep your eyes peeled and your beer-drinking homies close... you'll need them by your side again before you know it!

CHEERS! ...and  a happy St. Patty's to all of ya!
The Iron Press Crew


photo courtesy of: @fixedgearbrewco on Instagram