BIG THANKS to all of you generous and outstanding people who attended our 4th Anniversary last night! Our OG crew had a BLAST slinging beer for all of you. We know it was a little crazy, but it wouldn't have been a true Iron Press Birthday any other way. Shoutout to Dj Lexakhan for the perfect jams, and all of you who drank and danced the night away with us. To say that we're THANKFUL for the last four years, doesn't even begin to cover it. You are all truly the best beer lovers in town.

As per usual, we've got another doozy of an event planned for you all. Our sister spot at The Anaheim Packing District is going to be partying it up big time in a couple weeks. Don't miss out, because they're celebrating a birthday too!! The second Iron Press will be commemorating their 2nd birthday!! On SUNDAY, May 29th, 2016 AD it's goin' down. More info to come!

The Iron Press Fam


photo courtesy of: @labeergal on instagram