In a galaxy far far away… Just kidding!  It’s just in downtown Anaheim!


For one night only, The Iron Press Anaheim is transforming into Mos Eisley’s Cantina! This Thursday, May the 4th, 2017 A.D.,  from 5:00 P.M. until close at The Iron Press Anaheim in the Packing House -- We’ll be celebrating MAY THE 4TH BE WITH YOU DAY!!! We’re talking Star Wars provisions, music and COSTUME CONTEST!!!! With a little bit of help from the craft beer FORCE, we were able to put together one of the best tap lists this side of the galaxy!  


Check it out!


Millennium Falconer’s IPL - Weins (5.5%)

Indian Pale Lager
This tasty beer is brewed with Millenium and Falconer’s Flight hops to
attack your palate with intense tropical and citrus flavors.


It’s a TAPS! - TAPS (4.8%)

Amber Lager

A medium bodied lager with a light toasty caramel character that’s balanced out by the subtle bitterness of the hops.  Plus, it’s Admiral Ackbar approved!


Nerf Herder - Pizza Port (4.3%)

English Dark Mild

Roasty and malty with a mild bitterness that balances out this old ancient recipe.


Princess Leia Organa Raspberry Wheat Ale - Left Coast (6%)

Wheat Ale
Light, refreshing, and reminiscent of Princess Leia’s face when Han Solo
teases her too much.


Java The Hudson - Golden Road (12.6%)

Imperial Russian Stout

A dark, roasty and velvety stout with cacao nibs, vanilla beans and Portola coffee.  It’s big, glutinous and unapologetic!


Jabba The IPA - Left Coast (9%)

American IPA

Packed with tropical flavors and Nelson hops! This bitter party in your mouth finishes dry and smooth.


Space Bloody Orange - Ace (6.9%)


Pure, unfiltered blood orange puree gives SPACE a beautiful orange hue and tart citrus finish.


Space Dust - Elysian (8.2%)

It’s no wonder Elysian Brewing describes the hopping as “pure starglow
energy” – the dry citrus flavor in Space Dust makes us want to jump to


Future Tripping - Barley Forge (9.3%)

Double IPA

An intensely hoppy pale ale with minimal malt character, designed to showcase its strong hop flavors.


Trooper - Robinson Family (6.8%)

English Porter

Chocolate and crystal malt gives this full bodied beer a roasted malt and caramel backbone. The special Robinsons’ yeast provides hints of both liquorice and honey.


Red Leader – Pizza Port (8.6%)

Imperial Red

Malty, full bodied and smooth with a nice kiss of hoppy bitterness.


Dawn Patrol – Pizza Port (5%)

English Mild Brown

The base beer for Lost Abbey Red Poppy, this drinkable roasty thirst quencher is the perfect full bodied beer to enjoy after a long day of light sabering and saving the world!


Spira Regatta Da Vida – Coronado (6.5%)


Named for the tropical regions of space, this tropical IPA hits the spot!  Full of Polaris hops, known for its high alpha acids and distinct pineapple and herbaceous notes.


Seek & Destroy – Black Market (12.7%)

Double Imperial IPA

A complex smoked Quad IPA, using cherry- and mesquite-smoked malts.  This heavy hitter is a symphony of toasty, smokey, sweetness and hops.


Darkstar November – Bottle Logic (12.7%)

Barrel Aged Russian Imperial Stout

Project Aurora Imperial stout brewed with rye molasses and aged in Buffalo Trace barrels.


Space Trace – Bottle Logic (13.8%)

Barrel Aged American Imperial Stout

Brewed with cacao nibs and coconut aged in bourbon barrels.  This silky concoction will leave you wanting more.


So, suit up (Seriously, we are all dressing up for the occasion.  You should too!) and bring your entire squadron!  Or you can roll [Hans] SOLO! (Ha!  See what I did there?!?!)  Come drink, eat and geek out with us and shake your booties to DJ LexiKhan!!!  And remember to keep your eyes peeled for our deliciously outrageous dinner and dessert specials that we will be preparing especially for this Wookie-rific evening!!!


Smoochies & Light Sabers,

The Iron Press Crew