Tearin' Up Some Rug
So like...that's Jerry and me tearing up some rug *ahem*.  Where the heck were we you ask? This is to be our new office, conference room, man cave, and crash pad!  We rented out some space within a seven (7) minute walk from The Iron Press because there wasn't enough space to build an office at the restaurant (plus, if/when we drink a little too much, we can "rest" up here for a bit).
We wanted to keep the design simple and professional, but wanted to maintain a warehouse feel to it (well, I did. Jerry took a little convincing but he's slooooooowly coming around).  We'll post up some sketches and ideas we have for the space, or better yet, if we get going on some rennovations soon, we'll toss some photos up on the blog to show you guys what we are up to.  Just so you get a mental image of what we are trying to achieve, we yanked out all the carpet in the space to expose the concrete.  We then removed all the asbestos filled drop ceiling panels to open up the area as you can see here:

We also peeled back all the aluminum foil to display the orginal wood ceiling.  We are planning to leave all the t-bars in place, but pull up the lights so that they will make a grid on the floor when turned on.  It all looks like a big mess at the moment, but hopefully my vision for our spot will pay off, though we are on a crazy tight budget.The thing that we wouldn't compromise about our space was that it had to have a large roll-up door so that we could flood the warehouse area with natural lighting and air when we wanted to.  The idea was to have the ability to bring the outside into our joint with the simple yank of a chain.  Here's Jerry rolling down the door after we finished up after our first day with the keys:

 Anyhoo, it's time we close up shop for the night, as well.  Jerry's got an early morning rendezvous with the OC Fairgrounds to peddle his effing delicious salsas, and I've got a long day of bouncing between the two construction sites making sure things aren't getting crooked!

Smochies, Len and Jerry