See that stack of paperwork?  Normally (from 20 years of corporate upbringing), I would place these types of things in neat little piles and forget about them until they're nice and dusty and I have to clear them up.  These, though, are glorious...OH SO GLORIOUS!  This little stack is not your run-of-the-mill, boring, yawn inducing, procrastination activating paperwork.  No my friends, that cute little colorful mess collecting dust from construction, not from neglect, contains our approved building permits and our inspection punch card!  That little scribble on the bottom left sheet is our sign-off on our rough plumbing already.

Our next step?

All those mounds of dirt lying around need to get shoveled back into those trenches and watered so the dirt settles.  Then, cousin Cal and Kevin, get to work this weekend to lay down all their electrical conduits to shock up the shop, just in time for our(optimistically) beloved inspector to come back Monday morning in the hopes he scribbles down his illegible signature once again!

Smoochies, Len and Jerry