I have no idea what Jerry is doing with that ruler, but he looks like he's doling out military orders or something...anyhoo, Jerry and I planned on stopping by our good friends Dan and Joe's office really quick to take a peep at some shirt colors and styles for the shop.  We ended up spending an entire afternoon there like kids in a candy store! We went in thinking that we would come out with a t-shirt decision, but we walked out with two (2) shirts, maybe three (3) sizes of glasses, probably vinyl stickers, possibly some coasters, likely a baseball cap, and a slight chance of a newsies cap.  Ridiculous.

Regardless, these guys have always been good to us, including squeezing in all of our shirts for California Shabu Shabu (between designing and printing for clients such as Atreyu, Kat Von D, Monster, Jagermeister, Rock Star, High Voltage Tattoo, blah blah blah).  Big noise for Rock World Merchandise!  Check them out here : http://www.rockworldmerch.com to get a glimpse at just a few things they have been brewing up.

Smoochies, Len and Jerry