So after weeks and weeks and weeks and weeks of coordination and trying to get a hold of someone to demo these for us, we finally got our hands on our waffle irons!  The sucker you see above was missing it's handles, which was quickly fixed, but not before Jerry and I (delirious from lack of sleep) managed to sneak in some fun:

After some silliness, we got back to business.  We mixed up some of our waffle batter and then had Greg dive, errr pour, right in and show us how it is done!

Needless to say, their waffle irons made everything a cinch in comparison to the waffles we were making using home equipment.  Within ten (10) minutes, we had adjusted the temperature and timing to how we liked it and knocked out a few waffles that were just about right.  We will be getting in a few more of these guys in the next week or so.  After that, we will work on getting the waffles just the way we want them.  For all our friends out there, yes yes we know, the tastings shall begin soon!

Smoochies, Len and Jerry