So like, we have been kind of busy (drinking) lately.  A lot.  A lot a lot.  Of course, it has all been in the name of research!  In the past few months, we have been tasting all sorts of local brews.  It is now getting down to crunch time, so we are narrowing down our selections.  We love what the guys over at the Bruery are doing and already have our minds made up to carry as much of their beers as we can make sense at, but it's always fun to stop by their Provisions shop.  What was even more fun this last visit was a chance to guzzle down some of their Black Tuesday coming in at a whopping near twenty percent (20%) ABV!  It was double bubble fun as we were also able to meet the author of Brewed Awakening, Joshua Bernstein, and pick up a signed copy of the book.  If you guys love beer, this puppy definitely needs to be on your list of to-reads!  Between drinking some delicious beer, we popped over to chat up Josh a bit and snapped a quick shot:

Hangar 24 stopped in to show us some beer they have been brewing up and some stuff they are carrying for the guys over at Taps:

We had a couple winners out of this bunch, most notably an Orange Wheat beer that has whole pureed oranges wound up in every batch.  The biggest surprise was a cider we tasted that was blended in with beer yeast and malts.  Talk about a cider that both guys and girls can swig, wowzas!

Lost Coast Brewery dropped their Great White years ago, and I can honestly say this was the beer that got me started on seeking out great beer.  Since then, they have been putting out some rad stuff so we can't wait to have a few of their handles over in our little shack:

Big thanks go out to Jeff Lieu for helping us drink, the Tagge brothers, Lauren Chiang with the female palette, David Chi for just being a drunken fun guy, and Eric Chiu for well, driving us ha ha.

Sorry we are going to have to cut this short, but we are jetting out now to HB Brew Co. for another tasting!

Smoochies, Len and Jerry