Woooooooo hooooooooo!  We passed our final inspections!  OK, so we found out a little while ago, but we knew we still had a poop ton of work to finish before we closed in on some opening dates.  There were some gnarly changes they had us make, including the addition of a washable surface above our beer tap area.  Jaime and I banged our heads against a wall for a while until we came up with a design that would be the least intrusive to the overall look and feel of the restaurant.    We have warmed up to and have now named our new washable surface, "The Wave":

We have also been hard at work on some finishing touches.  I spent a good couple of days measuring things out with Jaime's crew and getting my hands a bit dirty with our foot rests and multi-purpose hooks (yes guys, these aren't just for purses).

Though there is still quite a bit left, we are getting really close to tying up all of our loose ends!  Everything is pretty much in over drive at the moment while we prepare ourselves *knawing on finger nails*.  You will probably see Jerry, my good buddy Noah, and I tinkering around in the kitchen from here on in.  If you do, pop your head in and say "Hi!", yeah?

Smoochies, Len and Jerry