The Iron Press Anniversary Basheroo! We just love our IPA's, this time it stands for Iron Press Anniversary!  We can't believe just how fast time has zipped by us this past year.  With that being said, next Tuesday (April 23rd, 2013 AD) will be our first birthday.  Hot off the heels of a super fun night with Karl Strauss, join us that night for a crazy lineup of strong-strong-did I say strong? brews, some special delish dishes, and limited edition The Iron Press swag for everyone who has seen us through our ups, our downs, and who will be with us for what lies ahead!

Here is our Lucky 13 Line-up for the evening, and as promised, nothing is under 8% ABV:

1. Ballast Point Dorado on NITRO! - 10% - Hopheads rejoice! Mash hopping, first wort hopping, kettle hopping, and dry hopping create an award winning beer that embodies San Diego's reputation for making world class beer.

2. Bootleggers Knuckle Sandwich - 10% ABV - A fantastic example of a west coast imperial IPA and Bootleggers most sought after beer. ‘Nuff said.

3. The Bruery Tradewinds Tripel - 8.1% - This is a Belgian style tripel with a southeast Asian twist, brewed with rice and Thai basil. It sounds boring because Jerry doesn’t want anyone else to drink it but himself.

4. The Bruery White Oak - 11.5% - A blended beer with 50% wheat wine aged in bourbon barrels and 50% Mischief - a Belgian style hoppy ale. Vivid caramel, coconut, and vanilla flavors blanketed in a crisp yet robust wheat ale.

5. The Dudes Double Trunk - 10.8% ABV - This imperial IPA is definitely a big beer with a healthy dose of corn sugar to give a boost and dryness so it's not too malty on the finish.

6. Golden Road Wolf Among Weeds - 8% ABV - This double IPA wolf will sneak up on you from behind the fresh pine sap and tropical fruit notes mirrored in its aroma and flavor profile.

7. Hangar 24 Pugachev’s Cobra - 15.8% ABV - Russian Imperial Stout that is bursting with aromas of chocolate, vanilla, oak, bourbon, licorice, and dark fruits this beer is an assault on your senses!

8. Hangar 24 Hammerhead - 12.4% ABV - This barley wine’s character is enhanced by dry hopping and then aging the deep amber liquid for six months in charred oak rye whiskey and bourbon barrels. This is a strong ale meant to be sipped, savored, and enjoyed.

9. North Coast|Deschutes|Rogue Class of ‘88 - 10.2% - A hoppy citrus aroma radiates from this pale amber barely wine ale collaboration. It's sturdy malt backbone is balanced with clean bitterness and finishes pleasantly without overpowering.

10. Shmaltz Funky Jewbilation - 9.4% ABV - This American Strong Ale is a blend of six beers from the Shmaltz Brewing’s beer line-up aged in rye whiskey and bourbon barrels.

11. Stone Oak Smoked Old Guardian - 11.4% ABV - Stone added a generous dose of German oak smoked malt to this barley wine, enveloping it in a smokiness that compliments it's rich malt and vivid hop flavors and bitterness.

12. Widmer Bourbon Barrel Aged Brrrbon - 9.5% ABV - Following the initial brewing process of Widmer’s Winter Seasonal Brrr, this beer was given a boost of hops during second fermentation and then aged in Kentucky bourbon barrels for four months.

13. Widmer Kill Devil - 9.5% - Sweet Barbados and blackstrap molasses provide touches of toasted sugar, black licorice, and blackened toffee while the palm sugars invite notes of subtle sweetness all while after being aged in Puerto Rican rum barrels.

Smoochies, Len & Jerry