Tuesday Tap Takeovers - The Noble Ale Works x Han's Ice Cream x Nepenthia Beer Garden Edition Phew!  It has been just under a month since our anniversary basheroo, but rest assured, we have been working diligently on our next Tuesday Tap Takeover on May 28th, 2013 AD.  This time around, we will be featuring brews by Noble Ale Works and special desserts paired up with Han's Homemade Ice Cream!  Not only this, we will be unleashing onto the beer drinking world a brew specially made for The Iron Press and Nepenthia - The World's first one day beer garden - WOO HOOO!

Check out details for Nepenthia here:


Without further ado, here is the lineup for the evening:

1. Pistol Whip'd - 4.5% ABV - A fresh take on a Czech-Style Pilsner brewed with New Zealand’s Motueka hops. Pale yellow in color and medium in body, it showcases a vibrant, floral hop character, lots of lime, a bit of juicy fruit, and some snappy dryness in the finish.

2. Rosalita - 4.5% ABV - Our Hibiscus Lager is bright pink in color and medium in body, the Pistol Whip’d becomes the perfect companion to the mass quantities of dried hibiscus flowers that are cold soaked in the beer for 48 hours. Flavor notes of cranberry, rose and lime pave the way to its tart finish.

3. Breakaway Pale Ale - 5.0% ABV - American Ale brewed in true California fashion, it’s pale-golden in color and light to medium in body. A hoppy bouquet of orange blossom and honeydew leads into a soft undertone of breadiness. The dry finish lingers with notes of green tea and passion fruit.

4. Naughty Sauce - 5.4% ABV - Golden Milk Stout w/ Coffee on Nitro – Head Brewer Evan Price worked together with Roast Master Jeff Duggan from Portola Coffee Lab for this paradox. It’s a stout made with oats and milk sugar, Guatemalan coffee instead of roasted grain and then served on nitro to add even more creaminess! Full bodied, deep golden in color, with smooth and flavorful layers of pecan pie, cinnamon and cookie dough.

5. The Good Ship - 5.8% ABV - Caramelized malts are the backbone for this Pub Ale and add a clean toastiness that marries perfectly with American hops, delivering a beer that drinks on the drier side of balanced.

6. Big Whig IPA - 6.8% ABV - Hop-forward throughout, this West Coast style ale hits the palate with layers of tangerine, honey, and rosemary that harmoniously unite into a big, resinous, lingering finish.

7. Too Darn Hot - 6.8% ABV - Noble named their Habenero IPA after an old Ella Fitzgerald song. The peppers and American hops meld well together with similar citrus-like flavors and aromas creating a beer that hits hard with a big sting of heat.

8. Picnic Bubbly - 8.5% ABV - Our American Saison has a striking flavor profile reminiscent of peaches, hay and Bartlett pears from the combination of Belgian yeast and American hops. Its finish cleans up the palate with some soft acidity and pepper like dryness.

9. Nepenthia - 7.0% ABV - The description for this bad boy will be revealed on the day of the event.  Prepare your taste buds!

Food specials to follow soon, as our little factory is cooking up some new recipes.  Hope to see all of you there!

Smoochies, Len & Jerry