Valiant Brewing x The Iron Press Aloha!

In keeping with the tropical theme of our collaboaration brew, Suavamente del Firkmenta, Chefs Andrew and Mina have mashed up some super fun and tasty Hawaiian inspired dishes to pair alongside the yummy and well-balanced line-up from Valiant for tonight!

1. Kalua Pork - Braised pork on top of an open-faced, waffle iron toasted Hawaiian roll bun with a scoop of macaroni salad - $9

2. Aloha Mochi - Mochi waffle with green tea ice cream, pineapple coulis, topped with a sesame seed tuile - $7

Here is a little sneak peek for you guys:

Kalua Pork

Aloha Mochi


See you guys tonight!

Mahalo, The Iron Press