It’s a British Invasion in the OC!  And no it’s not the second coming of the Beatles!  October 24th, 2017 A.D. from 5 P.M. to 10 P.M. at the Iron Press in the Anaheim Packing House, we’re gettin’ down UK style! (Cue the Austin Power’s theme song!)   For this awesome event  we’ll be celebrating all things British Beer with the rad BLOKES from  Karl Strauss and Yorkshire Square Brewing!  We’ll also, be running one of their craft suds through a pumpkin cask!  That’s right beer being poured from a pumpkin!  Check out the specialties they’re bring us-

Early Doors on NITRO- Yorkshire Square Brewing
English Bitter, 3.8% ABV
A beautiful copper gold in color.  Light in body but with a delicious hop bitterness.  Nice and mild with a creamy nitro finish.

Little Nipper- Yorkshire Square Brewing
Session Pale Ale, 4% ABV
A nice deep gold color.  A beautiful balanced taste of hops and malt, with notes of fruit, spice and bready goodness.

Strongest Language Possible- Karl Strauss Anaheim x Yorkshire Square Brewing collab
ESB, 5.8% ABV
A rad collab from head brewers-  Andy Black and Stephen Hicks.  Richly malted, sufficiently hopped, with a dry finish, this is an ESB done right.

Butter Knife Fight- Karl Strauss Anaheim
New England Hazy IPA, 4.7% ABV
This haze bomb is all things juicy, fruity and packs a hoppy punch!  Finishes with a delicious bitterness.

Cimmerian- Karl Strauss Anaheim
Brown IPA, 6.4% ABV
Midnight Wheat and English toasted malts give this brew a complex bready and roasted mouth feel, while additions of Nugget and Centennial hops provide the grapefruit & floral hop character of a complex yet hoppy brown IPA.

This is going to be a one-of-a-kind event that you won’t want to miss!  We’ll also be running one of these specialty brews through our PUMPKIN CASK!  Plus, our kitchen is putting together some super tasty dinner and dessert specials to pair with these specialty suds. It’s going to be a taste of all things UK!!!  You better mark this down on your calendar!

Pip! Pip! Cheerio!,
The Iron Press Crew