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The Menu for Tonight's Tuesday Tap Takeover - Ballast Point Brewing and Spirits

BallastPointAnaheimMenu ATTENTION EVERYONE!!! The day has come to become one with Ballast Point Brewing & Spirits. You are going to want to find your way to Anaheim Packing District and bring a mop due to the amount of drooling that will occur from the lineup that they have put together. As you know, we can piece together some pretty delicious specials as well, and let’s just say you will not be disappointed with what we will be throwing your way tonight.


Lets just jump into our specials:

1. Albacore Tuna Melt sandwich & Chowder Fries - Grilled sourdough + Sharp cheddar + Tomato and Albacore tuna salad with a side of Veggie Chowder over waffle fries.

DSC_01192. S’more Waffle Cone - Vanilla bean ice cream + Drizzled nutella + Topped with marshmallow fluff + Garnished with chocolate and strawberries in a Waffle Cone.



The Iron Press

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The Menu for Tonights Tuesday Tap Takeover - Stone Brewing Co. 2.0 Edition

StoneMenuAnaheimSo yeah…you guys better start stretching out those stomachs of yours to go along with your livers.  Chefs Andrew and Mina are going to rock your taste buds with some crazy flavor explosion dishes tonight at the Anaheim Packing House.  For all you gluttons out there, take heed:

The Heart Attack! - Our burger on a Belgian waffle topped with pastrami, waffle fries, IPA braised ‘slaw, Russian dressing + our Imperial Nacho cheese sauce - $10

Constructed Strawberry Short Cake - A shortbread cookie with toasted graham cracker crumbs, frozen strawberry mousse, topped with a vanilla bean milk sorbet + garnished with  a freeze dried strawberry - $8

Here is a little sneak peak for everyone:

Constructed Strawberry Short CakeThe Heart Attack

 We can’t wait to jam stuff into your mouths tonight!

The Iron Press Crew

Stone Brewing Co. 2.0's Lineup!

Hops / BBA / Collabs Hop and bourbon barrels have mercy!

We knew that Stone Brewing Co. always pulls out some rad beer for us on a consistent basis, but what we have lined up for you guys in Anaheim on September 2nd, 2014 AD is freaking out of this world!

From bourbon barrel aged to crazy hopped to super collaborations, we are going to get down and boozy with y'all this Tuesday.

Without further ado, take a peek at the yummy sauce we will have ready for you guys:

1. Coffee Milk Stout – 4.2% ABV | 30 IBU – Originally brewed as a limited-edition offering at Stone Brewing World Bistro & Gardens – Liberty Station, this coffeelaced milk stout quickly became a favorite among Gallagher’s peers. Made bittersweet and creamy while remaining smooth and easy-drinking, thanks to the addition of milk sugar, it’s clear in one sip why this is a brew we needed to share with fans everywhere.

2. Go To IPA – 4.5% ABV | 65 IBU – Enter Stone Go To IPA, our session IPA, boasting all the gloriously bitter, citrusy, piney flavor of our bigger / industrial-strength IPAs, but with a significantly lower alcohol-by-volume (4.5%) allowing IPA fans like us to enjoy more of this amazingly, hoppy beer over a longer session, without giving up any of that gloriously crave-able botanically-driven dankness.

3. Spröcket bier – 5.4% ABV | 40 IBU – A black rye Kölsch-style ale, it arose victorious over 18 other impressive entries ranging from barrel-aged stouts to fruit-laced sour beers and nearly everything in-between. A uniquely dark spin on this traditionally light-bodied German beer style, Spröcketbier delivers mild roast, effervescence and floral yeast presence in tremendously balanced form with the high level of drinkability that is the Kölsch style’s hallmark.

4. BBA Bang Bang – 7% ABV | 38 IBU – This beer is all about the caramel. Caramel aroma on the nose, with caramel malt flavors up front on the first taste, with some bourbon integrated with the caramel malts. Finish is short with lots of bourbon and oak flavors. Super clean, crisp beer, with no added heat from the bourbon barrel aging.

5. BBA Arrogant Bastard – 7.2% ABV | Classified IBU – Really hoppy beer even after the extended barrel aging, with hops come through right up front and lingering through the finish. Bourbon, oak, and malt all work together in this beer and synergistically enhance one another. The result is a beer with tons of dark roast malt, a little spice from the oak, and caramel flavors, melded in with the previously cited hop attack. The distinct vanilla and butterscotch flavors from the bourbon add a ton of depth on the mid-palate.

6. Delicious IPA – 7.7% ABV | 75 IBU – An intense lemon character brought on by El Dorado and “Lemon Drop” hops ups this West Coast IPA’s already incredible powers of flavorful refreshment.

7. BBA Arbalest – 8.5% ABV | 50 IBU – Appearance of the beer is pale orange with lingering foam. Caramel, bourbon, and spicy yeast aromas on the nose. Taste is of crisply bitter hops and peach and apricot stone fruit from the aroma hops, caramel and sweet oak flavors from the malt and bourbon barrel aging, and spice, floral, and fruity esters from the fermentation. The rich caramel flavors from the crystal malts, and vanilla and sweet flavors of the bourbon barrel give this beer a lot of mouthfeel and richness without being satiating.

8. 18th Anniversary IPA – 8.5% ABV | 75 IBU – This beer was conceptualized a bit later than usual, and several iterations were created before we settled on this recipe. Using a small amount of English Brown Coffee Malt in a double IPA seemed like an interesting idea to me, and was inspired in part by the success we had brewing Aleman/Two Brothers/Stone DayMan Coffee IPA and The Alchemist/Ninkasi/Stone More Brown Than Black IPA

9. Unapologetic – 8.8% ABV | 90 IBU – When you get three hopheads together to collaborate on a beer, it’s only natural to expect some hopped up liquid incarnation of their lupulin lust to spring forth from such a session. Maybe it seems passé to some—three masters of hoppy beer once again exploring the familiar territory of the India pale ale.

10. Enjoy By 9.20.14 – 9.4% ABV | 90 IBU – While freshness is a key component of many beers - especially big, citrusy, floral IPAs - they've taken it further, a lot further, in this IPA. You see, they specifically brewed it NOT to last. They've not only gone to extensive lengths to ensure that you're getting this beer in your hands within an extraordinarily short window, they made sure that the Enjoy By date isn't randomly etched in tiny text somewhere on the label, to be overlooked by all but the most attentive of retailers and consumers.

11. Suede 2013 – 9.6% ABV | 50 IBU – The trio of brewers met each other in typical fashion (at beer events, obviously) and began conversations that eventually led to invites from Stone Brewmaster Mitch Steele to Cornett and O’Leary Parisi to come out and brew. From there, recipe formulation began. The trio envisioned using ingredients indigenous to Southern California, which was accomplished by including avocado honey, dried jasmine, and calendula flowers plucked from the fertile grounds at Stone’s North County San Diego farmstead, Stone Farms.

12. Russian Imperial Stout (2011 version) – 10.6% ABV | 60 IBU – Stone Imperial Russian Stout is so thick, rich and well, sinful, you might worry that you'll be doomed to the fiery pits just for thinking about a sip. Rest assured, however, that even though this seemingly pernicious brew is indeed as black as sin, they guarantee that no actual sin was committed in making it.

13. Ruinten – 10.8% ABV | 110 IBU – This was one of the team’s favorite double IPAs, so they were thrilled to have the opportunity to brew it again. The combination of Citra and Centennial in the dry-hop is magical. Please drink this beer fresh to get the full impact of the hopping!

14. Double Bastard 2013 – 11.2% ABV | 100 IBU – This is a lacerative muther of a beer. The evil big brother of Arrogant Bastard Ale. It is strongly suggested you stay far, far away from this beer. Those foolish enough to venture close enough to taste will experience a punishingly unforgiving assault on the palate. ’Course there’s always the masochists...

15. Oak Smoked Old Guardian 2013 – 11.4% ABV | 80 IBU – 2013 Stone OAK-SMOKED Old Guardian Barley Wine. Crafted using a grain bill that’s one-fifth smoked wheat malt, it exudes a defined smolder in its aroma and flavor. That smoky character cuts through the hearty malt backbone, melding seamlessly with Warrior hops to create a semi-dry finish.

16. Stone IPA with Orange, Mosaic, and Citra – 6.9% ABV | 70 IBU – Look up "hops" in the dictionary and you’ll see a picture of Stone IPA! "Dry-hopped" for an extra two weeks, this unique process gives their IPA its bountiful hop aroma and rich hop flavor.

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew

The Menu for Tonight's Tuesday Tap Takeover - The Bootlegger's Brewery 2.0 Edition

Bootlegger's Brewery x The Iron Press YO!

In conjunction with Costa Mesa Restaurant Week, we have some super fun food for you guys tonight!

1. The Whole Barn - Jerry’s dirty little secret! Our Classic buttermilk fried chicken sandwich topped with Gruyere cheese, a pan fried egg + crispy bacon with a side of Jalepeno maple syrup - $11

2. Bunny Waffle - Markuz' Carrot cake pressed Bootleggers Black Phoenix waffle, Black Phoenix soaked raisins + coated with a cream cheese glaze - $6

Here's a sneaky peaky of the yumminess:

Bunny Waffle

The Whole Barn!

See you guys tonight!

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew

Bootlegger's Brewery 2.0's Lineup!


Check out the lineup we have in store for all you barley and hop lovers out there!  We have a super special one off Rocco Red on cask to splash into our cleanly rinsed glasses.  The Red Headed Step Child was born out of love between The Iron Press and Bootlegger's Brewery.

Without further ado, take a gander:

1. Belgian Blonde – 5% ABV | 17 IBU – Light Malts, European Hops, and Trappist Yeast produces a very drinkable, lower alcohol content Belgian beer appealing to light Pilsner drinkers.

2. Chango Lager – 5.1% ABV | 11 IBU – Light malt profile and low bitterness with notes of cocoa, chocolate and light roast.

3. Lemongrass Wit – 5.5% ABV | 11 IBU – Bready malt profile with spice/clove yeast character. Bitter Orange, Coriander and Lemongrass flavor and aroma.

4. Pumpkin Ale – 6.1% ABV | 17 IBU – Light malt base profile with pumpkin pie, baking spice aromas and taste.

5. Black Phoenix – 6.7% ABV | 37 IBU – Custom roasted coffee with chocolate malt, roasted barley and oats round out the flavor of chiptole peppers adding a subtle warmth and smokiness to the finish.

6. Soco IPA – 7% ABV | 89 IBU – Pale malt profile with very light caramel and bready notes yielding a dry finish. Bitter hop profile with apricot, lemon peel & slight earthyness.

7. Amerige IPA – 7% ABV | 46 IBU – Named after Fullertons founders, George and Edward Amerige. Classic American IPA loaded with all the popular citrus and fruity hops

8. Rocco Red – 7.1% ABV | 36 IBU – Malty with notes of carmel, toffee and very light roast coffee. Assertive hop profile of citrus and tropical flavor and aromas

9. Red Headed Step Child – 7.1% ABV | 36 IBU – Maple, bacon, and jalapeno in a cask... Thats all you need to know. Want more info? Come taste it.

10. Memorial IPA – 7.1% ABV | 49 IBU – Very pale malt profile yielding a dry finish. Bitter hop profiles with notes of grapefruit, lemon, orange, and passionfruit.

11. Golden Chaos – 8.5% ABV | 31 IBU – Smooth Belgian yeast character, light malt profile. Low earth/spice hop character, high carbonation.

12. Knuckle Sandwich – 10% ABV | 88 IBU – Very Malty, with caramel and toffee notes. Very Bitter, with pine and citrus flavor and aromas.

We can't wait to see everyone there!

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew

Tuesday Tap Takeovers - The Bootleggers Brewery 2.0 Edition

Tuesday Tap Takeovers - The Bootleggers Brewery 2.0 Edition A big "THANK YOU" goes out to everyone who made the Valiant Takeover a ton of fun. I am sorry for anyone who had to witness my FOB face at the end of the firkin bashing video that Jerry posted. What can I say? I was happy!

I digress...we have been working with Bootleggers Brewery for over two (2) months on all the awesomely radical beer we will be featuring for our next Tuesday Tap Takeover in Costa Mesa. If you guys remember back in June 2012, Bootleggers partnered up with us for our first ever Tuesday Tap Takeover, crazy. Write down August 19th, 2014 AD from 5 - 10 PM PST and make sure to put a star and a heart around it, because this one will be a doozy!

Again, we have a special cask brew that we will be splashing into the public mouths for this night. Gahhhhhhh, we can't wait to tell you guys about it, so check back with us soon!

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew

The Menu for Tonight's Tuesday Tap Takeover - The Valiant Brewing Edition

Valiant Brewing x The Iron Press Aloha!

In keeping with the tropical theme of our collaboaration brew, Suavamente del Firkmenta, Chefs Andrew and Mina have mashed up some super fun and tasty Hawaiian inspired dishes to pair alongside the yummy and well-balanced line-up from Valiant for tonight!

1. Kalua Pork - Braised pork on top of an open-faced, waffle iron toasted Hawaiian roll bun with a scoop of macaroni salad - $9

2. Aloha Mochi - Mochi waffle with green tea ice cream, pineapple coulis, topped with a sesame seed tuile - $7

Here is a little sneak peek for you guys:

Kalua Pork

Aloha Mochi


See you guys tonight!

Mahalo, The Iron Press

Valiant Brewing's Lineup!

MMMMMM...Beer Lookie lookie here!

We have an amazing line up from Valiant Brewing coming up for you guys this Tuesday for our Tap Takeover in Anaheim.  The boys out in Orange have brewed up some delicious stuff for us to splash in your glasses so you can splash it in your moufs!  We have a big surprise as we collaborated with them for a cask conditioned specialty.

Here is the salivating list for you guys:

1. Sessionability – 3.8% ABV | 46 IBU – Aroma is mild pine and grassy. Super clean and refreshing malt flavor, very dry on the finish but perfect elevated bitterness to round out the experience.

2. Suavemente – 4.4% ABV | 22 IBU – Created using guava puree, and lots of love. This testament to guava has a delicate guava aroma as well as delectable passionfruit aroma. There is a flavor of malt, with guava coming to hit the mid palate. Finishes crisp but creamy

3. Cask Conditioned Suavemente – 4.4% ABV | 22 IBU – Same as above, BUT!, conditioned with more guava, watermelon, and yuzu.

4. Criterion – 5.6% ABV | 20 IBU – Brewed with Wildflower Honey and Rye Malt. Clean malt aroma with a light wildflower honey, spicy and fruity notes. Flavor is both floral and spicy with a distinct rye profile that comes through mid-palate. The finish is dry with a low bitterness.

5. Crescendo – 6.5% ABV | 31 IBU – The first hint of Crescendo greets you with a bouquet of herbal, foral, and citrus hop fragrance as well as a clean malty aroma. Flavor components begin with a slight maltyness that guides you toward an elevated hop favor. A refreshingly crisp and clean experience greets you at the finish letting you enjoy the low bitterness that comes from our hop forward approach.

6. Fields Ablaze – 6.8% ABV | 22 IBU – Tart, lemony, clean malt character thrives with the floral yet spicy aroma. Light malt sweetness and a slight grainy texture. Low bitterness develops flavor profile that allows a crisp refreshing finish.

7. Alpha Drive – 8.8% ABV | 90 IBU – Aromatic notes of tropical and citrus fruits such as passion fruit and grapefruit. Enjoy the flavors of caramel and bready malt intermixed with the sticky resin quality of Centennial hops. Alpha drive finishes strong with our precise rolling bitterness that hop-heads and new drinkers alike will crave.

8. Axiom – 10.5% ABV | 28 IBU – Delicious Graham cracker with a slight malty highlight. Cherry combines with raisin, some spiciness and a few alcohol esters. A rich caramel sweetness leads into a diverse mixture of malt characters. A taste of clove with a little herbal hops and a light hotness. Medium mouthfeel. A flicker of warmth and a mildly dry sensation as well as low sweetness.

9. Valiant 1st Anniversary – 12.3% ABV | 100+ IBU – The first thought they had when we began to create their Anniversary beer was “make it big.” The complexity of creating a hybrid Belgian Barleywine makes this a true rarity among beers. Their Anniversary beer will grab ahold of you with its strong floral aroma and esters. The depth of flavor comes from the intense four-hour boil that creates the profound caramel maltiness. The Pièce de résistance is thier French Strisselspalt hops which bring a dynamic bittering element to an already unique Barleywine.

10. Kratos – 12.5% ABV | 31 IBU – Pear, cactus and a wonderful bouquet of flowers. The flavor has a mango and honeydew melon as well as a semi sweet finish with a pleasant texture from the grain. Good head retention.

11. Alpha Overdrive – 14.3% ABV | 100+ IBU – Delicious Graham cracker with a slight malty highlight. Cherry combines with raisin, some spiciness and a few alcohol esters. A rich caramel sweetness leads into a diverse mixture of malt characters. A taste of clove with a little herbal hops and a light hotness. Medium mouthfeel. A flicker of warmth and a mildly dry sensation as well as low sweetness.

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew

Tuesday Tap Takeovers - The Valiant Brewing Edition

Tuesday Tap Takeovers - The Valiant Brewing Edition After making you guys pucker with us out in Costa Mesa, we have Valiant Brewing Company lined up for our next Tuesday Tap Takeover in Anaheim!  Etch into your desk August 5th, 2014 AD from 5 - 10 PM PST.

We have been working with the boys at Valiant to brew a special cask offering that evening, so stay tuned!

Smoochies, The Iron Press Crew